Redgen Mathieson


Redgen Mathieson is a Sydney-based design studio established by longtime colleagues Harlan Redgen and Phillip Mathieson.

The partners lead an approach to design that is grounded in Modernist principles of authentic, timeless design and planning rigour. Central to this philosophy is a strong sense of scale, form and material, and an emphasis on finely detailed spaces built to outlast changing fashions.

The firm has gained a reputation as a leading practice whose work has been widely published both in Australia, and internationally. The Directors have significant experience in designing and delivering high-end projects across a range of residential, multi residential, commercial and hotel/hospitality sectors, and are supported by a creative and enthusiastic team of architects and interior designers.

Redgen Mathieson was awarded at the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2013 and 2017 for Best Architecture Single Residence Australia.

Redgen Mathieson is an A+ Practice Member of the Australian Institute of Architects and is a registered Architectural Practice with the NSW and ACT Board of Architects.